Main Instructor: Joash Johannes (Mwalimu ‘teacher’ Joash)

A word to Sema Swahili learners

“I have been teaching Swahili at different educational levels for more than eight years. I have taught Swahili courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels at Universities in Tanzania for six years. I also taught Swahili at secondary schools and advanced secondary schools. I can say Swahili is one of the easiest languages to learn. However, I cannot guarantee you to speak it fluently unless you learn it by heart through attending all classes and memorizing the vocabulary. If you practice speaking Swahili during classroom discussions and interaction with other Swahili speakers I guarantee you after three months you will see the fruits of your endeavor. Join Sema Swahili and have fun with us”.

In Sema Swahili classes we are going to introduce a new way of learning Swahili Noun Classes and Noun-Verb Agreement system. We are  going to sing them! Learning Swahili with us has been made simple! Remember if you master the noun classes and the verb agreement systems (this is the part that most  Swahili learners  find challenging), nothing will prevent you from speaking Swahili at a near native level. Have you ever wondered why rhyming is the most effective teaching tool in nursery school? Yeah, because singing makes things stick! It makes learning easier and funnier! Let’s do it!

For more information about my work please visit my website at the UBC Department of Linguistics.

Assistant Instructor: Daniel Mundeva (Mwalimu ‘teacher’ Dan)

Daniel Mundeva is a UBC graduate from the Department of Environmental geography. Dan was born in Tanzania, and he speaks both Swahili and Nyamwezi natively. Dan likes dancing and drumming, and teaching Swahili is his favorite thing to do. Dan is an amazing demonstrator of Swahili culture. Welcome to Sema Swahili!

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