Sema Swahili is the name for our evening Swahili language classes offered in Vancouver. Our Swahili language master classes are for whoever is interested in learning Swahili language and Swahili culture and you don’t need any Swahili background to register. The first round of Swahili classes will start inĀ  January 14, 2014 to April 15, 2014 and will be offered twice a week (3 hours each week). You will master: listening, speaking, reading and writing in Swahili.

If you have been considering learning an African Language for various reasons such as:

  • Doing linguistic research in an African language.
  • Taking Swahili summer courses for credit under a UBC study abroad program in any UBC partner university in the world.
  • Learning African culture and traditions, particularly Swahili culture.
  • Learning an African language as a second or third language.
  • Planning to enroll in African Studies minorĀ  program of UBC in future.
  • Working in organizations i.e., charitable organizations, etc. based in 15 Swahili speaking countries.
  • Traveling for Safari in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and having an opportunity to interact with the locals.
  • Working in one of the 15 Swahili speaking countries.
  • Interested to be a Swahili language trainer.

We welcome you at Sema Swahili! This is a perfect opportunity to learn Swahili. Please register now and stay tuned!

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