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Research says that most kindergarteners would have lost the motivation for reading and writing A-B-C letters  if they did not learn the A-B-C song. In our class, we have 5 Swahili songs on Swahili tenses, Pronouns and their agreement system, Noun classes and their agreement system, counting 1-10 and one for memorizing some Swahili verbs. Please do the actions as you sing along. Have fun!


The Song’s were not recorded in the studio so their quality is generally low. Just something to help you remember stuff!


These songs are NOT meant to be lecture notes and therefore they DO NOT cover the full content of the respective subject matter, eg. noun classes, tenses etc. Please use supplementary notes.


Mimi ninatembea     ‘I am walking’
Wewe unatembea      ‘You are walkinG
Sisi tunamtebea         ‘We are walking’
Na Ninyi mnatembea and ‘you(pl)are walking’


nilikwenda               ‘I went’    (past)

Nitakwenda             ‘I will go’ (future)

Ninakwenda            ‘I am going’ (present/progressive)

Nimekwenda           ‘I have gone’ (past perfect)

3. COUNTING 1 to 10

Najua kuhesabu                            ‘I know to count’

moja mpaka kumi x2                   ‘one up to ten’

(ANZA)                                            (START)

Moja, mbili, tatu                            ‘one, two, three’

nne, tano, sita                                ‘four, five, six’

saba, nane, tisa                              ‘seven, eight, nine’

kumi ndiyo mwisho                      ‘ten is the end’


simama kaa x2                             ‘stand up sit down’

ruka x3                                           ‘jump x3

simama kaa (simama)                ‘stand up sit down (stand up)

tembea kimbia                              ‘run, walk’

simama kaa                                   ‘stand up, sit down (stand up)’

5. NOUN CLASSES’ SONG (Very important).

mu      –          a

wa       –         wa

mu     –          u

mi      –          i

ji        –         li

ma     –        ya

ki vi   –        (KI VI)

N      –          i

N      –            zi

u        –           u

Ø        –          zi



u        –        u


This song did not include the locative classes: 16. PA, 17. KU, and 18. MU for specific reasons eg. the agreement for LOC classes 17 and 18 is inconsistent. We will discuss these in future lessons.

This is an Online Swahili-Swahili-English Dictionary (Yale University). It is the most current Swahili Dictionary collaborating work by people all over the world.

  • Swahili Language and Culture

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Popular Swahili Songs

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