1. Q: What if I’m not a UBC student or I graduated or I’m graduating soon, is it possible to register for Sema Swahili Classes?
A: Yes, but you need to check for the requirements for non-UBC students.

3. Q: I did an introductory Swahili course, I need to take intermediate or advanced Swahili level. Is that possible?
A: Sure. You need to take a qualifying test if you pass it then you can enroll in an intermediate or advanced level.

4. Q: Is it possible to join the Swahili club even if am not a Karibu student?
A: Yes. You are welcome!
5. Q: I’ll be graduating soon. Is it possible to learn other Swahili levels elsewhere in Canada or outside Canada when I finish this level with Sema Swahili?
A: Yes. Check the related link for other countries/ universities/ colleges offering Swahili in the world.

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